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<!--Pegasus Html Memo --> <P>IP camera with WiFiXblitz iSEE 2 HDwith rotable head and wi-fi function is a perfecttool for indoor monitoring. Newest technology applied into the camera allows for convenient operation of the device via mobile application. Night vision, thanks to the infrared lighting ensures great visibility even in a dark room. Camera is the successor of highly valuedXblitz iSEE, which guarantess quality of the equipment. </P> <P>Xblitz iSee 2is a perfect solution for everyone, who needs inexpensive and simple in maintenance device for indoor monitoring. Multifunctionality of IP camera makes it possible to be used in various ways and situations. Camera will perfectly work out as a baby monitor for children monitoring, animals monitoring, elderly people monitoring as well as office, workers and warehouses monitroing.IP cameraXblitz iSee 2WiFiis the successor of incredibleXblitz iSeemodel.</P> <P>Thanks to the application you may monitor in a real-time via smartphone or PC. Configuration ofIP cameraXblitz iSee 2Wi-Fiis incredibly easy. All you need to do is follow instruction to download the app and register your account. After that pairthe camera with mobile device through scanning QR code. </P> <P>IP cameraXblitz iSee 2possess built-in light sensor, which automatically runs infrared backlighting function only when it gets dark. Night vision enablesto supervise rooms and people (e.g. during sleep) in total darkness. In comparison with previous versionXblitz iSeethis camera model is equipped with stronger lighting diodes, additionally hidden in the front part of the lens panel. </P> <P>IP cameraXblitz iSee 2is a perfect tool for baby monitoring. You are able to guard your baby’s sleep and actions and work in a different room at the same time. Neutral deisgn and color scheme of the camera will fit any house interior. </P> <LI>Resolution:HD 720P (1280?720) 25FPS <LI>Sensor:CMOS 1/4” <LI>Lens:3,6mm f2.5 <LI>Lighting/range:6 x IR (850Nm) / 5-10m <LI>Rotable head scope:Horizontal: 349° / Vertical: 84° <LI>MicroSD memory card:Yes/ microSD / up to 128GB <LI>Codec:H.264 / Motion-JPEG <LI>Alarm function:Yes/Motion detection <LI>Two-ways communication:Yes/ Built-in microphone and speaker (8Ohm 1W) <LI>Network support:Wi-Fi, RJ-45 <LI>Package dimensions:208x154x137mm <LI>Weight:547g <LI>The set contains:IP camera Xblitz iSee 2 x1, power adapter x1, network wire x1, mounting grip x1, mounting dowels x1 kpl, user’s manual x1 </LI>

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