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Κωδικός Προϊόντος:HS620
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<!--Pegasus Html Memo --> <P>Perfect for chatting online, playing computer games and listening to musicExcellent quality of sound - sent or received, even in noisy environments.You get two devices in one - just unplug the microphone, the Creative HS-620 ChatMax a headset designed to play on-line will become the standard headphones to listen to great music! Enjoy the fullness and richness of sound with top-quality neodymium forty millimeter transducers. Adjustable microphone with noise reduction shut off all background noise, which greatly impede communication and planning while playing on-line and do not allow to fully reap the joy of listening to music. Add to that the soft shells, and a convenient control on the cable, and you will find a winner!Spectacular vocals and sound- Whether it’s online chatting, PC gaming or listening to music, large and acoustically refined 40mm Neodymium drivers deliver smooth bass with balanced clarity.Designed to offer blissful silence- An over-the-ear design, with full-sized earcups, offers better shielding against external noises.Convenient dual function- When you’re not talking, detach the microphone from the ChatMax HS-620 and use it as a pair of headphones for immersive music and movie enjoyment.Crisp and clear conversations- The noise-canceling microphone transmits your voice clearly without the interruption of background noise and its adjustable boom can be easily rotated to suit different users.Comfort assured- The headband adjusts to give you the right fit, while generously padded ear cushions keep you comfortable even with long hours of use.Intuitively convenient- Sweetening the deal are included in-line volume control with microphone mute switch and a handy shirt clip to conveniently fasten to your shirt to keep the cable from your hands.</P> <P>Features: </P> <LI>Impedance 32 <LI>Pass band headphones:20 Hz ~ 20 kHzmicrophone 80 Hz ~ 18 kHz <LI>Sensitivity 102 <LI>Cable length 2.5 <LI>Weight 180 <LI>Other features Neodymium magnet with a diameter of 40 mmMicrophoneType:Condenser noise reductionImpedance: </LI>

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