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<!--Pegasus Html Memo --> <P>Modern protective mask. A nose helmet is an excellent protection against pandemic. It combines the advantages of a classic helmet and a surgical mask, but it is small and light and does not hinder breathing.</P> <P>Light construction and small size make it almost imperceptible while wearing it, ensuring comfort of use.</P> <P>Compatible with face recognition systems. The nose helmet allows you to conveniently use your smartphone and does not hinder face detection with FaceID or other systems.</P> <P>Meets the requirements of the Nose Covering Ordinance, thus effectively protecting against chipping, contamination and reducing the transmission of infection.</P> <P>Easy to disinfect: to disinfect the product, simply spray it with 70% alcohol.</P> <P>Transparent: does not hide the face, making communication way easier.</P> <P>The soft material inside the mask ensures comfort and convenience even for several hours.</P> <P>Special design allows you to wear corrective glasses and sunglasses.</P>

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