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<!--Pegasus Html Memo --> <P>SMARTWATCH GLOBE KSIX BLACK <P>The GLOBE smartwatch, with its 100% round screen, fuses the latest trends with the most exquisite elegance. The most up-to-date, slim and elegant smartwatch from Ksix has arrived to surprise and make you fall in love. Synchronize it with your smartphone with the GloryFit app. <P>Designed for sports <P>Develop your physical and sports skills to the maximum thanks to the multisport mode offered by GLOBE. Choose between the different options and monitor your sessions in the most precise way possible. You can also check your calories burned! <P>Your health matters to us <P>GLOBE has been designed to monitor your health 24 hours a day. Its continuous monitoring will allow you to measure your heart rate, your blood pressure, the amount of oxygen in your blood and much more. A way to take care of your health that starts from your wrist. <P>A design that attracts glances <P>Its round and extra-slim design with a 1.28 multi-touch screen and its sober and elegant colors offer a first-class watch at a unique price. A perfect option to combine the most glamorous looks with the most alternative or sporty ones. <P>A week without interruptions <P>If you are one of the people who are looking for a smart watch capable of keeping up with them throughout the week, with this watch you can forget about charging it during the week. GLOBE offers up to 7 days of autonomy in standby mode. Plus it only charges in 2 hours! <P>Ready to enjoy <P>Control your mobile camera, play your favorite songs and receive notification alerts. GLOBE gives you the possibility to get closer to everything you need thanks to its Bluetooth connection that is synchronized with the GloryFit app. In addition, it is submersible up to 1 meter under water for 30 minutes. </P>

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